Escape from Stress

Reduce Stress and End Anx­i­ety in Minutes

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Escape from Stress

– Nat­u­rally improve stress-related ill­ness
– Reju­ve­nate eas­ily after a long stress­ful day
– Reduce ten­sion headaches quickly
– Increase your energy nat­u­rally


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“I lis­tened to your Escape from Stress med­i­ta­tion’ on my lunch break at work. My co-workes must think I’m tak­ing drugs because I see so dif­fer­ent and become so calm so quickly.
– J.S. Bynum Pleasan­ton, GA

Release Destruc­tive Stress  and Anx­i­ety in Minutes

This delight­ful guided med­i­ta­tion will quickly dis­solve ten­sion and fill your mind and body with the energy of calm­ing inner peace in less than 30 min­utes. You’ll be back in con­trol of the way you want to feel and have access to a health­ier state of mind. You’ll improve your atti­tude and begin to feel great again, like hav­ing spent a relax­ing day at your favorite spa.

Track 1:  Escape from Stress Intro­duc­tion
Track 2:  Tips, Tools and Tech­niques to Reduce Stress Quickly
Track 3:  Cre­at­ing Inner Peace Guided Med­i­ta­tion
Track 4:  Escape from Stress Med­i­ta­tion Prepa­ra­tion
Track 5:  Escape from Stress Guided Med­i­ta­tion (20 Minutes)

Release Stress Quickly… When­ever You Desire

I’ll guide you into the depths of relax­ation to help clear and calm your state of mind. Free­dom from men­tal emo­tional and phys­i­cal stress is the goal for this guided med­i­ta­tion and it is like hav­ing your own pri­vate relax­ation coach avail­able 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all at the touch of a but­ton. You’ll quickly reju­ve­nate your energy lev­els by relax­ing your body and qui­et­ing your mind. You’ll dis­cover how easy it is to reclaim the ‘lost’ energy that has been depleted by stress and anxiety.

Get Back in “Sync” with Yourself

Stress can be a very sub­tle influ­ence in our lives. Most peo­ple don’t real­ize how uncom­fort­able their stress is, until it is been released. It’s like, not notic­ing how loud the air con­di­tioner is, until it shuts off. Even if you’ve never expe­ri­enced med­i­ta­tion in your life, you’ll go into deep relax­ation and feel the warm flow of com­fort and hap­pi­ness through­out your entire body.

Learn to Reduce Stress  Effec­tively Your First Listening

In this pow­er­ful guided med­i­ta­tion, you’ll learn secret men­tal relax­ation tech­niques so you can expe­ri­ence deep lev­els of inner peace the first time you lis­ten. I’ll guide you step-by-step into a deep med­i­ta­tion to expe­ri­ence how easy it is to relax your mind and body with guided meditation.

Reduce Stress and Become Focused and Relaxed with a Push of a Button

My guided med­i­ta­tions offers step-by-step instruc­tions on how you can quiet your mind from dis­tract­ing neg­a­tive thoughts, reduce men­tal chat­ter and stress and fatigue quickly so you can expe­ri­ence deep lev­els of relax­ation med­i­ta­tion when­ever you desire.


This guided med­i­ta­tion has  a Money Back Guar­an­tee!

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